in the twinkling night

in the twinkling night..
when she lets her hair loose on her shoulders..
and her bangs fall softly on her eyes..
she takes off her dusty cloths..
and puts on a tender night gown..

she sighs with a moan..
and lets all her muscles relax..
then her sky starts to clear, and stars appear..
her rivers run slower, carrying the boats to the calmest places..
giggles and laughs fill her silence
and friends gather

the streets look its best
when all the noise disappears
and you can hear her breath
without the covers
without the dust

she then shows her best
reminding people of how beautiful she is
and how they could be humans again


Anonymous said...

I think you should change the title of the post to guess who :D

George Monier

Lilli said...

when i started writing it i had something in mind.. then along the way it changed a little
i know it's confusing: but i'll leave it to everybody's imagination ;)

Slacker said...

She is beautiful and so you ARE :)