Left or Right?

It's like that star you see in the sky. You know this is your star and it's shining only for you.
-"You fool," everyone tells you, "this star is not yours, it has stopped shining millions of years ago!"
But you know the star is still there, it cannot be dead. You know it in your heart that if you just fly up there and reach that star, it will be all yours.
-"You dream too much, that's your problem!" they go yelling again.
You want to take the right turn, you know the road is better if you go right. You want to go right!
-"Left you idiot!! LEFT. Can't you just know it is normal that you take the left. If you take the right turn you will end up lost. GO LEFT!"
But still, you like the right turn. You can see something in the horizon that they don't see. You know all the treasures you are looking for will be there: in the road on the right turn. You know if you walk right, you will reach your star.
-"Your stupid star, and your irrational right turn will make you get lost! We warned you. Don't come to us crying."

-"But you have to see what i saw; you have to feel what i felt when i gazed into that star. You have to walk with me in the road i chose so that you believe that i know what i am doing. Maybe i will get to my place, maybe i will grab that star in my hand. I will do what no body dared to do, and i will have this star in my hand one day."

-"Why a star? why not just light a match and save yourself all the
pain of walking through the empty road? Don't be stupid! Do what everyone else does..."

Maybe that's the point. You don't want to do just like everyone does. You want to be You. You want that star in your hand.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams


A lesson

"I have learned through bitter experience the one supreme lesson: to conserve my anger, and as heat conserved is transmitted into energy, even so our anger controlled can be transmitted into a power that can move the world."
Mahatma Gandhi


Nothing goes in vain

Every prayer you say, every hope you have..
every good thought that comes along,
nothing goes in vain.

All the love you give,

all the friends you trust..
all the breath-taking moments,
nothing goes in vain.

No effort goes in vain.
No love goes in vain.
No hope for something good goes in vain.

The sky is always witnessing you, and God is hearing every beat of your heart. He tells you: "For you are my beloved son, i care about you."

Never lose hope, cause nothing goes in vain.

a post from Julia's Blog - from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


You dream, you draw your life in a certain way. You dream of making your dreams come true...
Then they don't. Another dream is forced upon you. Another person's dream is made true by you. Where did your dreams go? Should you wait for your dreams,... or go on with the ready made dream given to you? How will you know if the original dream is worth waiting for?
I know dreams can come true.. but whose dream will come true then?!
And if you make your own dream come true, will it still sound great after 20 years??!


The Rewards of Life - controversial thoughts

THE REWARDS OF LIFE ~Author Unknown~
One day a fisherman was lying on a beautiful beach with his fishing pole propped up in the sand and his solitary line cast out into the sparkling blue surf.
He was enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun and the prospect of catching a fish.
About that time, a businessman came walking down the beach trying to relieve some of the stress of his workday.
He noticed the fisherman sitting on the beach and decided to find out why this fisherman was fishing instead of working harder to make a living for himself and his family.
"You aren't going to catch many fish that way," said the businessman to the fisherman, "you should be working rather than lying on the beach!"
The fisherman looked up at the businessman, smiled and replied,
"And what will my reward be?"
"Well, you can get bigger nets and catch more fish!" was the businessman's answer.
"And then what will my reward be?" asked the fisherman, still smiling.
The businessman replied, "You will make money and you'll be able to buy a boat which will then result in larger catches of fish!"
"And then what will my reward be?" asked the fisherman again.
The businessman was beginning to get a little irritated with the fisherman's questions.
"You can buy a bigger boat and hire some people to work for you!" he said.
"And then what will my reward be?" repeated the fisherman.
The businessman was getting angry.
"Don't you understand?
You can build up a fleet of fishing boats, sail all over the world, and let all your employees catch fish for you!"
Once again the fisherman asked,
"And then what will my reward be?"
The businessman was red with rage and shouted at the fisherman,
"Don't you understand that you can become so rich that you will never have to work for your living again! You can spend all the rest of your days sitting on this beach looking at the sunset. You won't have a care in the world!"
The fisherman, still smiling, simply looked up and nodded,
then looked at the sunset,
with his pole in the water,
without a care in the world.
This is the story as we receive it on email.. but do u agree that if the person is happy &content with the little he has, he should not aim for higher things? Shouldn't he care about building a thing? Accomplishing something? i think he will be more satisfied when he sits on the beach after so many years, enjoying sunset, and knowing that he did something with his life, other than just sitting. What do u think?



is it fear of the unknown, or fear of change? why do we fight any change? our deep attachments and practices hold us back from any new thing. we captivate ourselves, we get torn between two opposite desires: one to take a challenge and sail into the sea, the other to stay safe and stick to the usual... stay on the cozy shore...
risk! who will take the risk, and because it is a risk, we don't know how it will end up like. we prefer to sleep in our bed, tight and secure, why take a risk?!


Late at night

Late at night. All the lights are gone. All the sounds are weak.
No more rush or hurry. No more excitment or worry.
Now the voices that can't be heard during the day are louder now.
You can hear them clearer.
Late at night all visions are softer. All tense bodies are relaxed.
Enjoy your seeings. Listen closely to the heard sounds.
Now quietness and peace can be found.
Don't ask for lies no more. Things now are not like the morning.
Lies look funny when the liars take off their masks.
Say your truth for a change.
Can you listen to those foot steps?
Can you hear doors opening and shutting? I bet you can.
I hope you can.
So now be yourself.
Walk to your aim, open the door and go inside.
So now be yourself.
Late at night.


I wish

i wish i could fly
up high in the sky
go to places so far
reach out to touch a star
fly to all my loved ones
see the departed even once
go anywhere and everywhere
fly and spread my wings in the air
i wish i could be that flying bird
i wish i could be invisible
this thought is irresistible
be around when people talk about me
know who's my real friend and who is enemy
get to be unnoticed when i need to
no one bothers me or judge what i do
appear and disappear upon my will
run from my problems with a magic spell
i wish i could be this invisible soul
i wish i could read people's minds
look inside of them and see what i can find
i'll find beauty and ugliness, optimism and sin
everyone has got a bit of everything within
i'll learn from each one just by a look
and reading his thoughts like an open book
i'll know the reasons and alibis
the hopes and promises and lies
i wish i could be this mind reader
i wish i could be a child again
innocent, happy not caring for what goes on
my biggest dream would be to go to Disney Land
all people would seem honest, no one is bad
i would cry but forget the minute after
be happy again & fill the world with laughter
i wouldn't worry about the things i don't know
i'll just measure how many inches a day i grow
i wish i could be this happy child again

What's happening to the world?

What is happening? Earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, assassinations and blood everywhere..
i hate watching the news.. i avoid the scene of blood that is on every channel.. i feel it became normal now for us to watch such news, we became numb towards the bad news now. Hearing about an earthquake that killed a few thousands of people doesn't make us frightened, we just watch the rescues for a few minutes then switch to a comedy show on another channel!
Have we lost our sense of compassion? Ok forget compassion: why do we see other lives now as a show on TV?
And what is going on? I know there were wars through out the whole history, but isn't it a bit too much of disasters as well? Tsunami, Catrina, Rita, quakes, pollutions, .... the "black cloud" in Egypt that prevents us from breathing! Is God angry with us? Of course not, i hate this idea,, we decide for ourselves what we will do with our world. We keep messing with it untill it explodes in our faces, and then it will be the narural thing to happen. I always had this idea that the end of the world will not be a sudden thing that happens while we r asleep, but it will be the natural development of what we r doing on Earth, we drive our world towards its end. So how did we cause earthquakes and hurricanes to happen? It will be obvious if u r an ecologist or something similar... they'll talk about the green-house effect and the elevation of Earth's temperature.... and so on. The reason is not important but ..... ! i don't know what else to say about it...
All i hope for is that we haven't lost our humanity ..... yet.


It scares me

I hate to see men cry, not because it is inappropriate or disgracful, but because it scares me! When a man cries, it means there's a disaster, a huge problem that made him incapable of holding his tears. It means that his pain or grief is much more than one can bear. I hate to see a man cry because he should be the crying shoulder... the rock that faces all hardships boldly. When I see the rock splitting, it makes me scared.


Always near

In your eyes I wish I’d never see a tear.
For you are precious for me and dear.

I wish sadness would never come to your door.
Those tears make me as much sad, may be more.

Nothing is worth your tear in this world.
Though it’s a cruel life, and we must be bold.

But there will be things that will help you stand.
My love and support are always there at your demand.

These are not just words I say.
I am ready and willing, and you can try.

Try to come to me with your problems and worry.
See for yourself how to you I will hurry.


Are you free?

So how long do you spend everyday in the bathroom?!
How long do you drive everyday?
How long do you have to stick your face to the computer screen to make a living?!
Tab balash...
How many times do you go out on outings you don't enjoy, with people you don't really care about? Start counting!
You are totally aware of the harm of smoking and drinking coffee.. so the first thing you do in the morning is light a cigerette along with the steamy cofee.
Deep inside you you wanna be good, keep your lips and heart clean, but isn't it cool to hang out with those dirty-talk empty-minded guys? They attract chicks you know ;)
If i could just lose 10Kgms i'd be the 2nd Angelina Jouli, and now i have to eat my delicious combo meal, super-sized!
Oprah's a great woman also you know.

3ammak Salah 2al:

إقلع غماك يا تور وارفض تلف
إكسر تروس الساقية و اشتم وتف
قال : بس خطوة كمان .. وخطوة كمان
يا اوصل نهاية السكة يا البير تجف

I wish you a good night sleep, a sunny morning, and would you wake up happy and smiling, celebrating your freedom my friend. Congratulations!

Sad eyes

He looked at her. He has always loved to do so. He watched her working silently, busy minded she seemed to be. Nothing attracted his attention to her more than her sad eyes, as he saw them. She was pretty, but he didn’t notice. She was clever, but he didn’t care. The only thing he cared for was the sadness that came through her eyes.

He has always wondered what could have caused all that grief and how much she bore inside. So sad those eyes were, that he didn’t believe them to be real. He got more concerned everyday. Every chance he grabbed to work with her, or even just exchange a few words! Sometimes he would watch her silently for a long time that he get so embarressed when everybody notices him.

No conversation about her he missed. Trying to know any information about her that anybody knows became his interest. And up till now, he sits there, watching her silently as she works and wonder how sad her eyes are….!


علـــــــى المحطـــــة

كانت هناك تقف فى انتظار الحافلة، لقد مر عليها وقت طويل وهى واقفة هكذا - ربما ليس عندها ميعاد تلتزم به... و لكن ألم يصبها الملل؟ لقد مرت العديد من الحافلات على تلك المحطة ولم تركب أى منهم، ترى ألم تأتى حافلتها، أم هى لم تلاحظها؟ هل تريد مساعدة حتى تعرف أى حافلة تركبها؟ ولماذا لا تسأل من حولها؟
ربما هى الآن صافية الذهن تماماً لا يشغل بالها أى شئ، و ربما تكون مشغولة الذهن تماماً من يدرى. تفكر فى مئات المهام المطلوبة منها، أو المئات الاخر التى أنجزتها وتنتظر نتيجتها. من يدرى فقد تكون فى مأزق أو مشكلة ومنعها التفكير فيها من ملاحظة مرور الوقت وهى واقفة فى انتظار الحافلة. أحقا هى لا تلاحظ أن الوقت يمر وربما تأتى الحافلة فى النهاية ممتلئة بالبشر كالعادة فلا تجد لنفسها مكاناً فيها؟ لماذا لا تحاول أن تبحث عن وسيلة أخرى تنتقل بها؟ ربما ليس معها ما يكفى من نقود إلا لتركب هذه الحافلة التى تنتظرها بلا أمل فى ظهورها. ربما مشوارها بعيد ولن تجد سيارة أجرة يرضى قائدها أن يحملها إليه... لا أعلم ... ولكن يبدو أنها انتظرت كثيراً فى حياتها، الصبر يبدو واضحاً على ملامح وجهها، شعرها الأبيض يدل على أنها تحملت الكثير خلال سنوات عمرها التى تعدت الخمسين. ملامحها لا تخلو ابدا من الصرامة الممتزجة بالطيبة التى تتميز بها الأم المصرية، فهى من هذا النوع من النساء الذى يبدو وأنه قضى معظم عمره فى المنزل، ولكنهن اكتسبن خبره وحكمه فى الحياة أكثر كثيراً ممن قضوا كل الوقت فى مكاتب وأروقة العمل والأنشطة المختلفة
حقاً فالحياة تعلم الكثير وتحفر فى كل إنسان علامات مميزة لا يضاهيها أى حفر آخر، حفر معقد فى تفاصيله فقد أخذ سنوات العمر كلها ليكون. كل يوم يمر على النفس تتعلم فيه وتعلم، تقوم بواجبها تجاه الحياة ... فتكون النتيجة حفر جديد كبر أو صغر، عمق أو تهمش، فهو فى نهاية الأمر جزء من اللوحة النهائية التى تميز المرء وتجعله فريداً، وحيداً فى هذا الكون
كانت لوحة هذه السيدة غير واضحة المعالم للعين المجردة، فقط أم وربة منزل وهناك آلاف مثلها، أو هكذا يظن من يراها لأول وهلة. ولكن إنتظارها كل هذه المدة هو حقاً يثير التعجب، من يدرى ما ذا يجول بخاطرها، من يعلم ما يشغل بالها.. من يستطيع أن يجزم بما يراه لأول مرة؟
يتزاحم الناس حولها ولا تشعر، يهرول الجميع من حولها ، يتنبهون فجأة ويتجمعون، ثم يتبعثرون ثانية. يجرون ناحية أى حافلة قادمة، ولكن هى تظل ثابتة لا يعنيها ما يدور وما يفعلون، صامتة، صامدة، لا يعنيها........ ولكن.... مهلاً.... ما هذا؟
ما هذا الذى يحدث ، الصورة تتبدل فجأة ، الحفر يتهشم فيظهر آخر، إنها تبكى!! نعم تبكى فى صمت وعلامات الحزن بادية الآن على وجهها ... تبكى وكأنها أدركت فجأة، أدركت أن عمرها سرق.. أو ان احد أبنائها قتل! نعم فهى تبكى بحرارة غريبة... كيف وصلت لهذه الدرجة من البكاء بهذه السرعة؟ أوتراها تبكى منذ البداية ولم يلحظها أحد. استحالة!! يبدو وكأن حملها الثقيل بدأ يؤلمها، يؤلمها بشدة ، أصبح أثقل وأشد وطأة ، فناءت بحملها المسكينة. كثرت المشاكل فجأة وتكاثفت، اتحدت جميعها ضد سعادتها وراحة بالها، نفذت مخططها لتحويل حياتها لتعاسة لا مفر منها، حتى جاءت لحظة الإنفجار فى وقت غير متوقع ، ومكان لا يصلح لمثل هذه اللحظات: لحظات الضعف الذى يصيب النفس والروح.. فلا يقويان على فعل أى شئ إلا الإستسلام ، رفع الراية للوقت والبكاء طلباً للراحة ولو مؤقتاً ، فسرعان ما يعود الإنسان للواقع ويواجه مشاكله التى لن تحل بالإستسلام ، بل بالمثابرة
نعم فتلك هى الحياة: عادلة لا تعطى بدون أن تأخذ ولا تمضى على وتيرة واحدة بل تتبدل دائماً وتتحول فتجعل الأعين تتلفت دائماً بحثاً عن حلول أو طرق أو محاولات فهم وتأقلم مستمرة
ترى ماذا فعلت بك الحياة لتقفى هكذا تبكى وحيدة وحائرة، أهى ضائقة مالية أم ابن غائب أم مرض أم ماذا... لابد وأن لديك سبب وجيه يحملك على ما أنت فيه، ليعطيك الله قوة لتعبرى بها محنتك وتواجهى مشاكلك، فلسوف تتحسن الظروف بالتأكيد بعد زمن، طال أو قصر ولكن لابد من التغيير، فهذه هى سمة الحياة التى لا تتغير

ناس وناس

فى ناس زى الشمس، أول ما تدخل المكان تنوره وتبهجه
وفى ناس زى الليل تكئب المكان وتضلمه
فى ناس زى هوا الربيع ، جميل و خفيف
وفى ناس زى زعابيب أمشير.. يا لطيف
فى ناس تسعدك وناس تشغلك، وناس تحمسك وتانيه تهبطك
فى ناس تخدمك من غير مقابل و تبقى فرحانه..
وناس تخدمك برده بس تستنى أول فرصة عشان ترضها وإلا تبقى شغلانة
فى ناس زى الميه والهوا، ماتخدش بالك منهم إلا لو غابوا
وناس زى الملبس، حلوين بس مالهومش فايدة ويمكن يضروا

ناس وناس وناس
ياما حنشوف ونقابل
ياما حنعرف وحنتعامل
مع ناس من كل صنف ولون
ناس تخم وتبهر العيون
وناس قيمتها جواها ومش باينه
واللى يدور يلاقى ياما حاجات تانيه
و عجبى


What life is not about

It is not about cloths and cars. Not about being beautiful and young.
Life's not about fun and good time, nor doing shopping or working out.
It's even not about being healthy and strong. Not about love or romance.
Not about being successful or a wealthy business man, or being a wise man also.
Life's not about big words or sensible talk. Not about helping others to show it off.
So if you go, be famous, strong, healthy, successful, married, eloquent, generous, glamorous, ....
Be everything, and it will not be enough, if you don't look inside of you.
Have the whole world, but miss life, if you just hold on to the things that Life was not about anyway!
So what is it all about ??? Ain't I gonna be silly if I just give you the answer? {maybe am still looking for one;)}

7ekmet el 3adad

In difficult moments
behave like a duck,
keep calm and unruffled on the surface,
but keep paddling away like crazy