What life is not about

It is not about cloths and cars. Not about being beautiful and young.
Life's not about fun and good time, nor doing shopping or working out.
It's even not about being healthy and strong. Not about love or romance.
Not about being successful or a wealthy business man, or being a wise man also.
Life's not about big words or sensible talk. Not about helping others to show it off.
So if you go, be famous, strong, healthy, successful, married, eloquent, generous, glamorous, ....
Be everything, and it will not be enough, if you don't look inside of you.
Have the whole world, but miss life, if you just hold on to the things that Life was not about anyway!
So what is it all about ??? Ain't I gonna be silly if I just give you the answer? {maybe am still looking for one;)}

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