Are you free?

So how long do you spend everyday in the bathroom?!
How long do you drive everyday?
How long do you have to stick your face to the computer screen to make a living?!
Tab balash...
How many times do you go out on outings you don't enjoy, with people you don't really care about? Start counting!
You are totally aware of the harm of smoking and drinking coffee.. so the first thing you do in the morning is light a cigerette along with the steamy cofee.
Deep inside you you wanna be good, keep your lips and heart clean, but isn't it cool to hang out with those dirty-talk empty-minded guys? They attract chicks you know ;)
If i could just lose 10Kgms i'd be the 2nd Angelina Jouli, and now i have to eat my delicious combo meal, super-sized!
Oprah's a great woman also you know.

3ammak Salah 2al:

إقلع غماك يا تور وارفض تلف
إكسر تروس الساقية و اشتم وتف
قال : بس خطوة كمان .. وخطوة كمان
يا اوصل نهاية السكة يا البير تجف

I wish you a good night sleep, a sunny morning, and would you wake up happy and smiling, celebrating your freedom my friend. Congratulations!


لـيـلـيـت said...

بس أنا فى أخرى تاء

Lilli said...

أنستى ونورتى بلوجّى

Na22ash said...

كلمات صلاح جاهين فكَرتني بهاني رمزي في مسرحية وجهة نظر لما فضل يخنفر و يتشحتف و يقول: بس لأ مفيش فايدة مفيش فايدة !!! :)

Lilli said...

ماهو لما "التور" مايرضاش يغير طريقه المرسوم ليه، يبقى مافيش فايده :p