Tired of waiting

Tired of waiting
waiting for what to come
but what is coming?
i don't know, that's why i am waiting
but what if nothing is to come?
what if it is what it is now?
stop imagining
stop waiting
I'm so tired of drawing a tomorrow, and tomorrow comes different
The moment is precious..
but the waiting kills the moment

Dream and reality together are life
waiting makes life like a heavy burden on the shoulders
and the moment collapses under the weight
Tired of waiting and waiting
while flowers blossom
and the sun rises and falls again and again

no waiting is worth it
tired of waiting


Justice, where art thou?

I read today a very disturbing piece of news in a newspaper. It is about a Bangladeshi woman who jumped in front of a speedy train with her 4 children! She & 2 of her children died, while the other 2 were critically wounded.

Why did she commit suicide? Because the local court of her village condemned her for adultry with her neighbour, and judged her to leave the village with her children. She felt too ashamed and decided to kill herself and her children.

What's distrubing to me was:

1. She was a lonely woman raising her 4 children alone, because her husband is working in the UAE. Too sad that financial circumstances lead to the break up of a family and leave the woman alone, prone to seduction.

2. There was no word written about a verdict agaisnt the man (the co-adultrer) and she alone was to leave the village. So unfair and unhuman.

3. This is NOT a legal court, it is a local council (magles 3orfy) and it should not issue such sentences. As stated by the news, it should be only concerned with settleing disputes about lands or local fights. They just made themselves Gods and sentenced this woman just for their own satisfaction, driving this poor woman to her death with her own hands.

Tooooooo sad...

Justice, where art thou?


كتير .. كتير

ليه أصبحنا عاوزين دايماً كتير؟ سؤال محيرنى
ليه الإنسان دلوقتى كل أهدافه تحمل في معناها الكترة؟ عايز فلوس كتير - فسح كتير - لبس كتير - أكل كتير... هل الكترة دى بتجلب سعادة؟ ما أظنش
أظن فقط هى وسائل لملئ فراغات
فراغات نفسية أو روحية
إحساس بنقص فى حاجة معينة ومحاولة تعويضة أو التغطية عليه
والفكرة بتتأكد كل يوم من الإعلانات والمحلات اللى عايزة تبيع
رسايل الدعايا كلها بتدق على إنك مش هتكون سعيد كفاية أو مميز كفاية لو ماشترتش السلعة الفلانية
ومش بس كدة، واحدة بس مش كفاية: أنا هساعدك تبقى أسعد لأنى هديلك 2 بسعر واحدة - أو 3 بسعر 2 ... شفت بقى يا سيدى.. كدة أنا ظبطتك
هما فى الآخر عايزين يبيعوا ويكسبوا فلوس (فلوس أكتر برضه!!) لكن عارفين يدخلوا منين
عارفين إن الإغراء سهل لما أغريك بالكترة
طب وبعدين؟ ولا قبلين.. ما هو عشان كده إحنا عايشين فى عالم إستهلاكى خانق! لازم تشت عن الباقى لما تكون فاهم إن الكتير فى الآخر رخيص
والحاجات القيمة فعلاً لا تقاس
الحاجات اللى فعلاً محتاجين منها كتيييييير مش قادرين نديها ، مع إنها كلها ببلاش
محتاجين حب أكتر ، مغفرة أكتر ، تواضع أكتر ، صبر أكتر وإهتمام أكتر
إنما عشان أسهل إنك تدفع جنيه عن إنك تحاول تحب حد مانتاش بتحبه ، هنفضل نشترى ونجرى ورا الأكتر
وحيثما يكون كنزك ، هناك يكون قلبك

السوس فى الآخر هياكل الكتير ده كله ، إنما محبة الناس ليك مثلاً دى عمرها ماتروح
وحنية أهلك عليك وإهتمامهم بيك ، عمرك ما هتلاقيها فى عرض: إشترى 2 وأحصل على التالتة مجاناً

حب وسامح وعيش
أكتر وأكتر


by Roger Kiser

My seven year old granddaughter, Madison, asked me if I would come toher field day at school the next day. Not feeling very well I really didn't want to go. For years, going to such things meant very little to me. Not having any parents and having been raised in an orphanage my entire childhood; those kinds of events just became something to do and nothing more because there was never anyone there for us. The next morning I got up and began to think about the day I graduated from the Army basic training. How proud I was to have succeeded atsomething in my life. When the ceremony was over, every soldier ran to their parents and off they went to wherever families go who love oneanother. Within thirty minutes the parade ground was cleared and there I stood all alone. There was no one who cared about what I had accomplished.I remember tears running down my cheeks and as I wiped them away I thought soldiers don't cry now cause they're men. Slowly I walked off the parade ground and I went to wherever it is kids go that don't have anyone or anywhere to go. Immediately, I dressed and headed for Madison's school. When I arrived, the field day had been called off because of bad weather and the children were being herded back to their classrooms. I walked to Madi'sclassroom and when she saw me a large smile appeared on her face. On my way back home this wonderful feeling came over me and finally -- afterfifty years -- I felt what it was like to have someone attend my Army graduation parade. I see now it's all about caring. I was never given a sense that anyone cared so I did not learn to give back to those I love. I supposemost people who were given such feeling as a child now take it for granted. What a wonderful feeling caring is. Today I am one happy old dog who has learned a new and wonderful trick.