Justice, where art thou?

I read today a very disturbing piece of news in a newspaper. It is about a Bangladeshi woman who jumped in front of a speedy train with her 4 children! She & 2 of her children died, while the other 2 were critically wounded.

Why did she commit suicide? Because the local court of her village condemned her for adultry with her neighbour, and judged her to leave the village with her children. She felt too ashamed and decided to kill herself and her children.

What's distrubing to me was:

1. She was a lonely woman raising her 4 children alone, because her husband is working in the UAE. Too sad that financial circumstances lead to the break up of a family and leave the woman alone, prone to seduction.

2. There was no word written about a verdict agaisnt the man (the co-adultrer) and she alone was to leave the village. So unfair and unhuman.

3. This is NOT a legal court, it is a local council (magles 3orfy) and it should not issue such sentences. As stated by the news, it should be only concerned with settleing disputes about lands or local fights. They just made themselves Gods and sentenced this woman just for their own satisfaction, driving this poor woman to her death with her own hands.

Tooooooo sad...

Justice, where art thou?

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