If you are eating so quickly, looking into your wrist watch every 2 minutes, drinking your coffee while it's still hot and making it cooler by adding cold water, to run afterwards quickly down the stairs to catch your ride: this is a business breakfast.

If you are dinning in a fancy restaurant, with an exquisite menu, paying to much attention to the choices more than you pay to your companions, then finishing your meal thinking about sleeping early to wake up early: this is a business dinner.

If you are shopping for everything because you are staying in a hotel, and looking for a teethbrush because you forgot yours at home: this is business shopping.

But, if you are sitting relaxed with your firends, enjoying the dinner and the conversation, trying to eat Sushi for the first time and laughing about it, talking about personal matters freely, hating the quick passing of time because you don't want to leave, feeling so happy and knowing that you will remember this moment forever: this is a real dinner with real friends ;)

Thank you Mine & Hussein ;)


Happy new year ;)

I sat at my computer determined to write something on the first day of 2007, with no idea on my mind, no specific message to send. Still I need to write, so I'll write down what ever comes across my mind.

During those days of Christmas & the new year, so many things happen, and events take place. Rush at work to finish things before the end of year, parties, the shivering cold weather of December, fears and hopes for the new year.

I just want to say: I have hope. I still have hope for the better to come. I still see it white, with pink stripes. I still have time to do things that will make me remembered, after I'm gone away from this life.

Still have time to accept me more. But no time to repent. No time to spend backwards, tearing myself with things that can never come along again to fix. Mistakes are there to be done, and to learn from.

And the lesson of the year would be: no body can see what you see with your eyes. If you see it like this, don't ask people to understand it the way you do. It's your life, and no one can set the rules for you how to live it. Enjoy it, don't ruin it by trying to follow their rules. In the end it's yours to take control of.

Limits for what's right & wrong is deep inside you, not in their words. If it were to be one rule to fit us all, we'd better all have the same eye color. Sometimes it's easier to follow rules, so as to have something to blame when we lose. Too difficult to look to yourself in the mirror, and tell it in the eyes: "You did a mistake".

And again we say it, till the deaf hear it, and the blind see it, be honest, follow your heart, for it will never fail you. Once your compass is adjusted, follow it with no worry.

Happy new year, new start, new hopes.
Stay well, be happy :)