If you are eating so quickly, looking into your wrist watch every 2 minutes, drinking your coffee while it's still hot and making it cooler by adding cold water, to run afterwards quickly down the stairs to catch your ride: this is a business breakfast.

If you are dinning in a fancy restaurant, with an exquisite menu, paying to much attention to the choices more than you pay to your companions, then finishing your meal thinking about sleeping early to wake up early: this is a business dinner.

If you are shopping for everything because you are staying in a hotel, and looking for a teethbrush because you forgot yours at home: this is business shopping.

But, if you are sitting relaxed with your firends, enjoying the dinner and the conversation, trying to eat Sushi for the first time and laughing about it, talking about personal matters freely, hating the quick passing of time because you don't want to leave, feeling so happy and knowing that you will remember this moment forever: this is a real dinner with real friends ;)

Thank you Mine & Hussein ;)

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Mine said...

Dear Leelo,
One couldn't have expressed the business trips better than your words , however thanks to business that it brought us all together again in ─░zmir :)

It's so much fun spending time with you both . Chatting , laughing ,discussing things , sharing our different points of views ,keep on learning,keep on having fun :) ...
Thank you for being a friend..See you soon.