I wish

i wish i could fly
up high in the sky
go to places so far
reach out to touch a star
fly to all my loved ones
see the departed even once
go anywhere and everywhere
fly and spread my wings in the air
i wish i could be that flying bird
i wish i could be invisible
this thought is irresistible
be around when people talk about me
know who's my real friend and who is enemy
get to be unnoticed when i need to
no one bothers me or judge what i do
appear and disappear upon my will
run from my problems with a magic spell
i wish i could be this invisible soul
i wish i could read people's minds
look inside of them and see what i can find
i'll find beauty and ugliness, optimism and sin
everyone has got a bit of everything within
i'll learn from each one just by a look
and reading his thoughts like an open book
i'll know the reasons and alibis
the hopes and promises and lies
i wish i could be this mind reader
i wish i could be a child again
innocent, happy not caring for what goes on
my biggest dream would be to go to Disney Land
all people would seem honest, no one is bad
i would cry but forget the minute after
be happy again & fill the world with laughter
i wouldn't worry about the things i don't know
i'll just measure how many inches a day i grow
i wish i could be this happy child again


Mohamed Yousef said...

well....from these wishes, i wish to be a mind reader...and i think u know why... :-)

Lilli said...

yes i know :)
and if i had to choose only one wish too, it would be to fly.