Left or Right?

It's like that star you see in the sky. You know this is your star and it's shining only for you.
-"You fool," everyone tells you, "this star is not yours, it has stopped shining millions of years ago!"
But you know the star is still there, it cannot be dead. You know it in your heart that if you just fly up there and reach that star, it will be all yours.
-"You dream too much, that's your problem!" they go yelling again.
You want to take the right turn, you know the road is better if you go right. You want to go right!
-"Left you idiot!! LEFT. Can't you just know it is normal that you take the left. If you take the right turn you will end up lost. GO LEFT!"
But still, you like the right turn. You can see something in the horizon that they don't see. You know all the treasures you are looking for will be there: in the road on the right turn. You know if you walk right, you will reach your star.
-"Your stupid star, and your irrational right turn will make you get lost! We warned you. Don't come to us crying."

-"But you have to see what i saw; you have to feel what i felt when i gazed into that star. You have to walk with me in the road i chose so that you believe that i know what i am doing. Maybe i will get to my place, maybe i will grab that star in my hand. I will do what no body dared to do, and i will have this star in my hand one day."

-"Why a star? why not just light a match and save yourself all the
pain of walking through the empty road? Don't be stupid! Do what everyone else does..."

Maybe that's the point. You don't want to do just like everyone does. You want to be You. You want that star in your hand.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

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