Late at night

Late at night. All the lights are gone. All the sounds are weak.
No more rush or hurry. No more excitment or worry.
Now the voices that can't be heard during the day are louder now.
You can hear them clearer.
Late at night all visions are softer. All tense bodies are relaxed.
Enjoy your seeings. Listen closely to the heard sounds.
Now quietness and peace can be found.
Don't ask for lies no more. Things now are not like the morning.
Lies look funny when the liars take off their masks.
Say your truth for a change.
Can you listen to those foot steps?
Can you hear doors opening and shutting? I bet you can.
I hope you can.
So now be yourself.
Walk to your aim, open the door and go inside.
So now be yourself.
Late at night.


Na22ash said...

Isn't this ironic??
One is safe to reveil his true self only at night when nobody can see it ...

The weak and quiet voices of the night are the sounds of truth ...

And on a lighter note.. Only at night you can hear the sound of doors opening and closing but you can't see if they are opened or closed so you might bump into a closed door :)

Lilli said...

i don't think u can mistake a closed door for an open one... isn't everything clearer then?
if the door is closed.. then u need to practice listening more.... maybe u r used to the noise and can't recognize the sounds at night...