You dream, you draw your life in a certain way. You dream of making your dreams come true...
Then they don't. Another dream is forced upon you. Another person's dream is made true by you. Where did your dreams go? Should you wait for your dreams,... or go on with the ready made dream given to you? How will you know if the original dream is worth waiting for?
I know dreams can come true.. but whose dream will come true then?!
And if you make your own dream come true, will it still sound great after 20 years??!


Mohamed Yousef said...

i believe that a person must fight to make his dream come true, if it did, that will be the best thing in the world

Na22ash said...

Dreams are dreams until they come true and turn into a reality, the dreamer then won't find them as fantastic and breath-taking as when they were still dreams!

That's why I think one should be dynamic with his dreams. You can give away dreams and follow new ones. If life is not going in favor with my "original" dream, I shouldn't hate my life or try to stop the earth from turning.