Always near

In your eyes I wish I’d never see a tear.
For you are precious for me and dear.

I wish sadness would never come to your door.
Those tears make me as much sad, may be more.

Nothing is worth your tear in this world.
Though it’s a cruel life, and we must be bold.

But there will be things that will help you stand.
My love and support are always there at your demand.

These are not just words I say.
I am ready and willing, and you can try.

Try to come to me with your problems and worry.
See for yourself how to you I will hurry.


Mohamed Yousef said...

these are really deep words ya leeloo....

Lilli said...

Thanks. I always believe in standing up again after a fall, and fighting sadness with a hope for a better thing,, i think it's not important how long u stood up in victory, what's more important is how many times u stood up after a fall.