Sad eyes

He looked at her. He has always loved to do so. He watched her working silently, busy minded she seemed to be. Nothing attracted his attention to her more than her sad eyes, as he saw them. She was pretty, but he didn’t notice. She was clever, but he didn’t care. The only thing he cared for was the sadness that came through her eyes.

He has always wondered what could have caused all that grief and how much she bore inside. So sad those eyes were, that he didn’t believe them to be real. He got more concerned everyday. Every chance he grabbed to work with her, or even just exchange a few words! Sometimes he would watch her silently for a long time that he get so embarressed when everybody notices him.

No conversation about her he missed. Trying to know any information about her that anybody knows became his interest. And up till now, he sits there, watching her silently as she works and wonder how sad her eyes are….!

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