The one who enjoys the beautiful moments most, is the one who have seen the worst moments. When we feel the bad times of life and go through hard situations.., only then we can taste how sweet life can be when clouds go away.
We need all kinds of feelings and experiences to walk through life. You can't see the beauty without knowing how ugliness look like. So take all what comes up to you with satisfaction. Be sure that there is black and white, good and bad. Time measures are not stable too. The longer you might suffer, the happier you will be later. Every hard situation will make you harder. What a joy you will experience when you are strong and happy.
Imagine your life with no difficulties at all. You won't love it more, believe me, because you won't taste but one kind of life's flavors. Only when you accept the facts of life's variety, you can taste how life can be at times of joy.
Jan. 12th, 2001.

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