I've just finished watching the movie "SERENDIPITY".. and I am supposed to go on with my normal life again! Just someone tell me how :(


toni! said...

At lat someone saw this movie! hello lili, am totaly with u in this confusion that storm the life after seeing the movie, u know what i saw it maybe 7 times, and every time the same wiered fiction world intrude itself on my thoughts.. it's a gr8 movie, keepes me thinking that she is out there lamma hatgannen :))) nice to know ur blog, b blsd

Lilli said...

Thanks Toni for the nice comment... if you want to wait for your dream girl, i encourage you to do. She is out there for sure, you just have to look carefully.
God bless you:)

Anonymous said...

waiting waiting waiting...

yalla hane3mel eih :)
but if she's out there or no this is the doubt :)))) am waiting anyhow :))))))