Who knows you best

I was sitting in my room one night, when I heard him cry so loud. He is only a year old, but he was crying in such a loud voice that his voice reached everyone in my building. Although being so young, he seemed to understand what was going on. He couldn't see neither his father nor his mother. He felt with his young heart that something was not OK. His cousin was sitting beside him, trying to know what was wrong with him. She gave him food, but he didn't want any. She handed him his favorite toy, but he threw it away. She was clueless. She didn't know why was he crying, and how can she stop him from crying more. She was in charge of him, although she was young herself, only 15 years old, and she had to take care of that little baby.
His mother was busy, with all the people who came to offer her their condolences. She had so many people in that small room in the back of the building. She and her baby were staying with her sister and her husband. Her sister's husband is our doorman. The room was crowded with all the people staying in it, and those who came to offer their condolences. The little baby was still crying. His cousin was still helpless, didn't know how to please him or make him stop crying. All the building could hear him. We all felt sorry for the baby for losing his father that young, and for going through such hard time, having no way to express his grief and sorrow other than crying.

Then we heard his mother's voice asking the cousin what's wrong. She told her how much he kept crying without a break. Without more words, the mother held her baby in her arms, whispering words in his ears and pulling him close to her chest. She didn't take long before he was quiet again. He stopped crying. He felt safe and closed his eyes. I can imagine why he was crying. With his pure young heart he knew he had lost his dad, and when his mom was away, he was scared that he has lost her too. He thought he'd never see any of them again. He was crying the cruelty of life, that made him an orphan at the age of one. He was crying to God, asking him what was His purpose from taking away his dad from him, before he knew how to pronounce the word "baba". The little baby was crying, and only his mother knew how to make him stop crying.
If you come closer to them, you could hear her tell him those words: " Oh hush my little baby. Don't cry any more, your mom is here for you. Don't cry because i will never leave you. Your dad in in Heaven, and he is looking at you from above. It's our destiny to live without him. May you grow old and be a fine man, just like your dad. May you have a better life than what we have now. May God teach you why he took your dad from us. And when you know why, I hope you could explain it to me. I wish you never become as cruel as life has been to us. I wish you stop crying, and help me stop too. You are my son, my brother and my man now. Hope you grow to be a good man, and be the strong hand for me to lean on. Hush baby Don't cry any more."
Note: this is a true story. It happened a year and a half ago. Since then i never saw a smile on that baby's face. God be with them.


Ahmed Shokeir said...

مؤثرة أوى ياليليان .. كتير جدا ممكن يمر أمام موقف زى ده من غير مايلاقى فيه أى حاجة تلفت إنتباهه .. ونادرا جدا لما تلاقى واحد لمس الموضوع بالطريقة بتاعتك دى

أنا فعلا إتأثرت

Lilli said...

مبسوطة انها عجبتك، هى فعلا قصة حقيقيه والغريب انى افتكرتها امبارح بس وكتبتها فى ساعه واحدة امبارح. الطفل ده لسه عايش عندنا فى العمارة وزى ماقلت عمرى ما شفته بيبتسم ولا يضحك

أحمـــــد علـــــــى said...

قصة حزينة ومؤثرة.. ليه خزنتيها سنة ونص؟ وليه خرجت دلوقت؟؟؟ يمكن شفتى الولد وانت داخلة البيت وهو مش بيبتسم؟
ربنا يصبره ويصبر والدته..
أما الكلام عن سبب يتمه فده قدر الله سبحانه وتعالى.. مش من حقنا نقول ليه فى حاجة زى كدة.. علينا إننا نتقبل الأمر برضا ونتعايش معاه.. وحكمة الله هتبان ولو بعد زمن.
حاولى تخففى على قد ما تقدرى عن الطفل ده ولو إنى واثق إنك مش محتاجة توصية