The Tree (2)

Did you think the tree was sure the whole time that its roots are sticking firmly? Did you think that she knew how deep and strong its roots are?
No. The tree had doubts the whole time. Every inch the roots grew, the more its stem grew. And it would get worried more: will my weak roots hold me up? Are my roots dug deep enough in the soil?
And because of those doubts, it made more effort to dig itself more and more into the soil. It made its best to make its roots longer and stronger. It knew very well that if the roots grow weak, it will not get enough food. It will consume all the food and water in its leaves, and a time will come when she finds itself dry. The water will be running underneath and around it, but it wouldn't have the power to drink from it.
So every day and every night it would pay attention to its roots. Every time it finds food and water, it would make the best use of it.
It had never said: my roots are strong enough now, so I can stop their growth and pay more attention to my leaves now. In fact she never asked itself how long are they. It just kept growing them longer and stronger. It never trusted the wind to be mild. Sooner or later a storm will come roaring, and try to snatch it out of the soil. When the storm comes, it won't have time then to dig into the soil and save itself from the furious wind. The tree prepared for such a day from the day it knew about wind, sun and rain. It worked everyday, and never stopped. The strong tree you see have done a big effort, till that strong it could be!

The Tree (1)

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