The tree

The long tree u see has become like this in years. It lay there under the ground for days and weeks, and then it made its way thru the heavy mud , and faced sun and wind everyday with its weak stem. The little pretty flowers around it scratched it with their thorns. When it grew a little stronger, monkeys climbed it many times breaking its branches. Many animals hid behind it and many hunters wounded it with their arrows. Rain and frost made its wood damp, then the hot sun made it dry again. Every season it would give the best fruits, and by passers just grab them and eat them all, expecting the tree to give more without any complains. Trees of other kinds would look at it and laugh, and mock at it just because it's different from them. Spring, summer, autumn and winter pass in their regular times and leave their prints on it, and continue to do so without its permission.The long tree u see have seen a lot, till that tall it can be!

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