The Heart

It’s not just a heart. Not any heart. It’s a woman’s heart.
It is a special heart that is smart. It’s a heart that can hold the entire world inside.

When this heart loves, you can set no limits. When a woman’s heart loves, miracles can be done. You will see wonders happening, people changing and other hearts singing.

It gives full trust to the one it has fallen in love with. You can’t stop the loving heart from making that one’s life a dream, full of surprises! It’s a life lit up by the power of love and care.

It gives strength to build new worlds, to fulfill the modest and wildest dreams.
You will wish you’ve been loved by such a heart, because when a woman’s heart starts loving, it never stops.

It goes on giving without asking; forgiving without blaming. Search for that heart until you find it....
..then, you will feel you have found a whole loving world…

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Anonymous said...

A man how can own this heart will be soooooooo lucky.... :-)