Just another day at work..

I wanted today to discuss one of my favorite movies... i will do it later but i have to write something about the day i had at work today.
First: i am assigned to 2 different projects that require 100% availability to each... yes 100% ..from the PMs mouths! it means i have to be 2 Lillians.. or just work at night:D
de lessa el bedaya...
Second: one of them i just joined yesterday while they have gone a while through it.. so am trying to catch up.. mashy... bass as a start i don't have a PC working! mine is being changed and it might be ready today.. omal ana sha3'ala 3ala eh??! i'm sitting on the PC of a colleague who's on a job mission out...
Third: i have no clue about this project and i was expected to finish 3 modules today.. each in 3 hours... da kalam gameel..
but i spent all day till 4 pm in just one! and i had to start it all over again 3 times! and in the end my Rational Developer exploded! it refuses to work properly! (ana 3ayza arawa7 :'( )
now i am installing the Rational on a different PC (it's 5 pm) and am waiting for it to finish .. to start my 3 modules!!
Fourth: the other projects lessa ba2a 7shta3'al feh gom3a we sabt 3'aleban :D

just another day at work :)
life's beautiful.. keep smiling :)

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