When the eyes meet, the face blushes. The heart goes faster and faster, that you can hear it bombing. All that happens at a glance and the heat doesn’t fade quickly.
They call it physical attraction. They call it chemistry. They call it fate. What’s true is the blushing is real; and the heart is really pondering quickly. All that happens just to warn you: look, notice. The heart is really noticing and it wants to tell you how far it has gone.
After a while, it fades away. It goes off like a fire in strong wind. You only remember how it felt, but can’t feel it anymore. You remember what you thought, but don’t think that way anymore. You wish it would last some more time but that can’t be unless your eyes meet forever. Soon, you will meet those eyes again, and you will find your face blushing and the heart pondering.

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Mohamed Yousef said...

u know wht they say :
blushing is a way to add light to your face naturally... :-)