Come and see me again

If you leave now, come and see me again.
Don’t just wipe off all the memories you’ve had with us. We won’t forget you, we can’t.
So don’t forget how we were and how we spent so much time together.
Come and see me again sometime, because I won’t stay the same forever. I will learn more, more of everything. I will open my eyes wider to the world, to get a larger and clearer picture. I won’t count days, I will live days without repent. A passing day is a new weight lifted off our shoulders.
I’ll go on, meet new people; laugh and cry alone and with others.
I’ll forget and remember; promise and keep promises. But there will always be a far memory of all the loved ones, and that will include you.
You too will be starting a whole new road. We can never avoid splitting roads, and we’ll always have to choose. You’ve made a good choice. Don’t you worry much; just keep your faith and your untouched sense of knowing right from wrong.
Bring us presents when you come back, but most important: bring yourself as much experiences as you can. The best thing you can do to yourself is to teach it useful lessons without the pains or hurts you might get. Learn to read things well without having to get too involved in bad situations. It’s not easy, but you will know!
Do you believe in super naturals? Because there’s an unseen, untouched bond between our souls, that will keep us connected. When I come across your mind, it will not just be a coincidence. At the same time I will be thinking of you, and praying for your success. I will also be wishing to hopefully see the day when you come to see me again.

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