Wednesday, just a wednesday

adeena 3amalna blog... we koll yom a7ott feh shewayet posts.. of course i like what i write, and i actually read them over and over again.. bas after a while i felt: tab w ba3deen... what's the use of getting people to read what i write...?

i myself find it interesting to read, read anything, to have a look at other people's lives & opinions and make sure that whatever happens to me or whatever i think of is normal.
Life has a certain routine for us.. yes it differs from one person to another bas on a level keda live's have the same "infra-structure" :D (ma3lesh el san3a to7kom)

so what do i get when i read people's writings?
Information? yes why not.. i will never see or know everything in life.. so why not at least get a glimpse upon new things (new 4 me).

Problems? everyone else has problems and for sure most of them have big problems, maybe bigger than what i could imagin... so i tell myself: it's ok:)

Entertainment? ok.
Advice? mmmm... e7temal, u may find a word in a piece of paper thrown on the ground that might tell u something u can benifit from.

so u see, i gave myself many excuses why i should share my "valuable" writings with other ;) just kidding
but isn't it nice to read what people u know well have written...

but the bad thing here will be: relating anything they write to their own personal lives! No .. it doesn't go this way ya nas! whoever enjoys writing.. cannot make every word he writes related to his personal life! akeed fe 7agat men el 7'ayal... so don't get smart with me,, hah :D

anyway... i really like this quote: "Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of someone else."

so i will be myself... welli mesh 3agbo ye2ra blog tani :D (aw yeb3at ye2olli eh elli mesh 3agbo ba3d keda ye2ra blog tani:D)

i didn't intend my blog to be an open discussion place.. i wanted it to be a place for u to find a nice word.. a good thought, or a sentence that can make you carry on when u've decided to stop.

a friend told me years ago that i can express human feelings well in my writings, and analyze why people do certain things... am not sure if u agree with him, bass i guess it's good to understand the inside of people so u can give better judgement on the outside! that's why u'll find many articles or poems about feelings, whether they r nice like love, admiration or high self-esteem, or bad ones like anger or jealousy...
i guess i just like doing this:)

have a nice Wednesday ;) (belmonasba tomorrow's thursday: ya3ni weekend... heeeeeeeee)

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