Kooky beysannen!!

Kooky 7abeeby beysannen and he has fever :( we nazel 3add fe ma7'alee2 Rabena.. toob 3aleena ba2a ya Rab men 7ekayet el tasneen de!! la7san ana 7'alas estaweet 3add ...

Kooky is my 4-months old puppy :) and he has some troubles with his teeth.. yesterday i found out he had broken one of his 'aneyab' !! he is such a dum doggy :D and he is sick most of the time.. either cold or stomach ache... wala so7'n! i really feel i have a baby at home! and he really enjoys playing during eating!! i have to play with him in order to make him eat!! ya lahwyyyyy... ana kan mali we mal el 3eyal :) we klab kaman... bass besara7a... howa zai el 3assal
it is more than enough for me the way he welcomes me when i get back home... and specially if he were left alone... yooooh beye3mel fara7 :D and he is having the attention of all of us at home...
he learnt now to come and wake me in the morning in the exact time! bass taba3an beysa7eeny in the dog's own special way!! we kam 3adda maydoresh...

i just wish this tasneen period is over ba2a!


Na22ash said...

Did you read this answer on my "Who runs you world?" post??

"Sad as it seems, my 11-month-old yellow lab. My wife and I do not have any children (yet!) so we decided to give it a test run with a fur-kid. She basically runs the house and our lives. I never understood how people can be so obsessive about pets, until we got Buffy. We have become that annoying couple who can talk of nothing but "our little girl". We try not to, but I can understand, finally, how much more children truly rule parents lives."

w bsara7a in case Rose reads this, I would like to make it clear that I won't be the happy husband in the sad case that our dear dog took the daily responsibility of waking me up with its lovely bites!!

Rosa said...

I just read the comment today!!
Lilian, Um following ur posts abt kooki and frankly it ringed a bell high enough to remind me of this passage Rami posted once, copied and pasted here:):)
How one becomes so involved in his/her pets issues and keeps talkin abt them...
You're proving his point and any possibility of having a dog in the future is vanishing by time... :)
Try to convince him now ba2a how it is soooo cute to wake up with the lovely bites of our dear dog:)

Lilli said...

first: Kooky is biting now cause he is teething as i said (beysannenn)
second: pets and specially dogs, have a talent in making u love them... they really steal ur heart and make u feel loved, plus they teach u to be fun :D
so shawer nafsak ya rami keda ,,, we Rabena ma3aky ya Rosa:) if u really love dogs i don't think Rami will let u down.. wala eh ya Rio ;)