CMMI inspirations...

Have you ever seen a flock(serb) of birds flying together, going from one country to another and from one continent to another. They fly in harmony and change directions swiftly in a beautiful scene. There must be only one commander to guide them. They follow his guidance because they trust him! You'll never see each one flying in a seperate direction and collide with others. They always manage to arrive to their correct destination.
Have you ever seen a herd of penguins together? moving from one place to another in thousands and thousands. They also walk in order and patience with their slow short steps untill they arrive to where they wanted. They don't fight, or argue whether to go left or right. They get things done.
Fish also immigrate from rivers to the ocean or vice versa, they never get lost. So you see: birds, animals, fish, insects... all living things are naturally organized and do not need rules to follow, cause the rules are in their nature!
Now, finally, look at humans :) No need to compare but it's obvious. We need laws, rules, then fines and punishments, shouting and convincing to follow the rules! We need CMMI, ISO, QA,......
We need others tell us what to do to make things work. We need processes procedures, templates and endless workflows. Our world is full of words like capability, availability, accuracy, maturity....and endless y's and we still don't do things right or on time!


Mohamed Yousef said...

well...u r right..but if u look at it from another way, if we do everthing right, then people who tell us how to do things won't have any jobs or anything to do...so, i guess we are doing them a big favor.... :-)

Na22ash said...

tayeb since u admire so much the harmony of birds and animals, do you think that the laws and regulations and hierarchies and enforcements and maturity models are the ways to achieve this level of performance in the human society???

Personally I think it's the only way .. Because any group of humans if put together they default to level#1 (Initial) in the CMM.. their collaborative work is usually ad hoc, chaotic and unstable; their success depends on the competence and heroics of the individuals and not on proven processes; they will over-commit, exceed budgets, and make only unrepeatable achievments.

Anonymous said...

7elw awe
we msh dayman el CMMI bynfa3
lazim QA 3ashan yetamen en CMMI mashy kewayess