Making sense out of nonsense!

Turning every situation into your own benefit; it’s not selfishness, it is wisdom! Just put your thoughts in order. Try to pass over the annoying things. It’s all in your hands. The joy, the pain, the anger, all of them are forms of energy, that either destroys or gives you benefit. Try to control that energy just by understanding where it’s coming from and where it’s heading to.

When you get hurt, you will not benefit from hating the ones who have hurt you. It’s either you make up a good excuse for what happened, or just go tell them you’ve been hurt. Don’t keep it inside. Don’t waste your energy on destroying yourself. Use this energy to confront them, or maybe confronting yourself. Maybe after all you are responsible.

Pain also can be used as a motive to improve things. May be things need to be revised. Pain and sorrow give you the calmness to start revising everything around and appreciating what you’ve got. Such calmness and undisturbed thinking can rarely be found in normal life events. See how you can fetch for treasures in a cold dark well!

You won’t stop discovering things inside you each time you get a new amount of energy. It doesn’t matter in what form it comes. What is most important is to learn to direct this energy into a safe direction, even if you think it is nonsense!

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