Faking it

...And suddenly you wake up to discover that there are lots of those people around you! The kind of people who fake it well... they say things they don't really understand, they try to have an image they don't really own. They fill the eyes and ears with stuff they didn't make themselves.. and they take the credit.

Life's so full of fakers now.. it seems it is the most commonly used way to success now... BUT i still think it is untrue success. What happened to the values of "accomplishing" and "working hard" and "building" something true... why is it the ready option now to "fake it"...

Don't you really hate people who say: "I gonna put this......" :) (as pure Americans taba3an they think that every word ending with (nna) replaces every word in life!!!!!)
Don't you get bothered by someone when he wears a t-shirt or something with a logo or idiom that he doesn't know what it means?
But the disaster is when you do something at work and then a smart guy comes along and pretend he spent days and nights working hard to do it, then takes credit for it while you r standing thr stunned! He's just good at faking it.. while all you know is doing the real thing

I know that sometimes thr r situations that force people (including me) to do that.. but that should be the exception not the rule! We should be ashamed of it and try not to do it again. But when it becomes the habit or rule, then it's the problem.

The thing is: if we will all going to fake it.. who will be real??!


Lonely Heart said...

i Face People like that everyday at work....someone who talks so much about technical stuff to make others think he really knows it all..while i stand among them knowing that this person isn't that smart...
normally, i take immediate action, i start applying pressure on technical points untill he cracks..... :-)

Lilli said...

i usually can't do this, because i don't want to embarress them... but u might be right in what u do because others get deceived in such people... and they maybe.. maybe change their attitude if they r caught once;)