let go of this tear

Hush now don't speak
u have become so weak

you lost vision of the track
you are lost and trying to get back

don't lose your strenght in blaming
don't go throw your pearls not caring

don't lose ur time complaining
but make a decision now to stop crying

chances won't come along unless u r strong again

there's more about life than what you've got
there's a lot of many beautiful things other than what you've lost

the pain must be too bad, i know
but try to give hope a space to grow

you won't do it for me... but for you
and it's your choice too

if you want to come back again strong
you've got to know what's wrong

words slip through your mouth revealing your pain and fear
so don't deny and let go of this tear


Anonymous said...

These r really nice words...
don't lose this talent... :-)


Bishoy Adel said...

I liked this one a lot.