That's why

Because you are the one, the only one.. that’s why I love you.

Because you give me confidence no one else has ever given me, you tell me how special I am.. that’s why I love you.

Because you understand me clearly before I mention the words, you touch my soul in your special way that I have nothing left to say.. that’s why.

Because we can be talking for hours and not knowing how much time has passed, we communicate clearly and heartly. Hours are so short with you.. that’s why I love you.

Because we build together the castles of our dreams and our designs are much the same. Our colors too match together.. that’s why.

Because I am the one you run to when you are so happy or so sad. You are the only one I think of when I have any important thing to say. You are sitting on the first step of my life.. that’s why I love you.

Because there are plenty of reasons of why I love you, that I can never list all here.. that’s why.


Anonymous said...

Wow, as usual all your thoughts touch me, Lilli. I wanted to comment on all of them :)
But this one touched me the most.
Please, keep writing!
Maie --14-09-05

Mohamed Yousef said...

lilli, i don't know what to say...i really wish i can find someone who cares 4 me this way