A true friend

Can you really find friends nowadays? They are very rare and precious to find now. Don’t know why everybody is too busy, or maybe too lazy to befriend someone. There will always be a reason to show when they blame us for not calling, or not giving much attention. Then after getting away with it more than once, it becomes normal. We forget the importance of having friends, and befriending others. It is still important for us to have friends. They can help you get through difficult times, in a way you never expect. The more you know your friend, the more grateful and content you will be. Don’t just hang out with your friend or grab him with you whenever you go: feel your friend, talk, and experience how deep and wonderful such a relation is.

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Mohamed Yousef said...

U Got that right...it's hard to find good friends these days...even sometimes, a one who u call friend becomes the one who hurts u