What would you call this?

What would you call this? Let me first tell you what I am talking about....
It’s when my eyes see him, those first few seconds fly, and my heart bounces. Even if I am worried or frustrated, I don’t remember that in front of him.

We talk, smile and have a wonderful time that runs fast. Yes it goes fast but we never notice. We don’t have a certain idea in our heads when we talk, only the fact that we talk warmly.

We talk warmly and laugh from the heart. Time is not counted and words are not watched. Did you imagine how we look when we sit together chatting?

Did you feel how happy he can make me? It’s awesome if you did, but one last word: can you tell me what is this? What’s this thing growing between us? I hope I knew...

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Mohamed Yousef said...

i don't know about u....but i know this is LOVE....what a lucky guy