Personal experience

i wanted to share with u this personal experience i had:
i think we all suffer now from the feelings that life is taking us in its waves and that all we do is work! work! work! !!

even the fun moments like going out with friends, or attending a church meeting is not that fun anymore even if we serve at church, it has turned into a habit and a part of weekly routine...we've all experienced that and felt somewhat helpless towards it we don't know the missing thing, we go to church yes, but prayers seem to hit the ceiling because the words are repeated..

so what to do? this was the question i have been asking myself for a while now, and i seemed to sink more every time i think of what i don't like about my lifei've always heard and known at church that parayers solve any problem and i have tried that myself before many time: thanaweya 3amma, college, family,.... and it really workedbut all those experiences seemed to disappear from my mind, and i began from point zero again: are my prayers heard? do they really make a difference? why do i pray while God does what is best anyway, if i ask for something that is bad for me and i don't know: what is the importance of parying anyway??and i began drifting away from "spirituality" and being a spiritual, close to God person.

To solve this i did 2 things: first i thought about it hard, i did not ignore the problem, i was thinking of what was bothering me, and what do i miss to make me happy? i found out that i do not miss anything, i just have to know i must be happy , for all the wonderfull things in my life... and even being busy with all life events and work are things to be thankful for because i have things to keep me busy and i have the qualifications to do all what i dosecind thing: i bregan trying praying again, praying for my problem part of which is feeling that praying is not that effectivei prayed, and i really asked God to help me, to send me strenght and bring me back to being spiritual again, and sensing unseen things instead of the materialistic things onlyand it happened, really happened that i found my self different all of a sudden during praying, God really listned to me and answered my prayer, and i saw at this moment the answers to my problems....
it was really great , i felt peaceful after that , and a special verse from the psalms rang in my ear many times: "يمين الرب صنعت قوة فلن أموت بعد" "God has gave me strenght so i shall not die yet"and today morning i woke up happy, and i even smiled at my brother when i saw him :)))))) how many of us do that at home :)))))))))))
so i hope if anyone is suffering from the same thing, i hope his will give him hope and strenght that things must be better if we really want them to be and ask God for itone last thing: DO NOT WAIT FOR A CERTAIN THING TO BE HAPPY, NO, BE HAPPY TODAY!, don't say i will b very happy if i get married or when i have a baby or when i get a new job, or when i go back to egypt (if u r living abroad) no try to be happy today, because these r days slipping away from u..
hope to hear comments from u
August 14th, 2003

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