Chef Lillianna di Ashamalla

I know if i stop writing for a week, it will be so hard to go back to writing. And since I feel much productive I should be using this chance.. think of it as if I will die tomorrow, wouldn't it be nice to have something left behind. In my case my i will leave my blog :) , and people will start thinking: "Oh she was such a great writer! how haven't we noticed her." :D I'm being hilarious, ain't I :)
But i really love to write. People would think: "Why the heck is she making us read all that junk? Why doesn't she get another hobby." Well, i can't blame anyone. I myself hate to follow up on someone's writings whether on a blog or in books or whatever. Then why should i be angry if someone hates my writings.
Okay, for those who love it, what do u wanna read about?
Should i talk about wars and injustice everywhere? or about people's pains and depressions?
I think it's too hard to be compassinate with others pains now. Each one is carrying his own heavy bag of pains and problems. People need smiles and fun now. Getting away from problems not get into new ones.
And i won't write about men & women because i know in real situations, everyone does what his grandfather or grandmother would have done. Many times we r not brave enough to do what we think, and we tend to do the 'normal' or what's 'expected'.
Am running out of options. Why write at all? Why don't i just go get my nails done and go out with firends to any cafe! Maybe i'm just sick of cafes. Why not go shopping? Too bad i just did yesterday. Then it is writing. What else to do. Be brave and hold on with me for a while :)

What about i tell you about my options of alternative careers if i decide all of a sudden to quit Software engineering?!!
This idea has been haunting me for a while now. I love my job. I simpley enjoy working in a software house. I got to do many many different things, my duties were never constant, and I'm respected & trusted in my Company too.
But at times, i just feel like giving away all this and being free. I've always hated routine. The idea that i'm almost 3 years in the same company, same place, same desk, this idea is freaking me out!
Anyway, if i decide to quit.. what would i do?
I would be a chef.
I've come to know that my real passion is cooking.
I love cooking. I love creating fancy meals out of regular things. The smell of the kitchen during cooking is enjoyable and peaceful. It gives the sense of security and home. I've always loved to be in the kitchen with my Mum while she prepared lunch. I remember well the (ta2leya) sandwiches she used to make me :) it was hot, pouring on my hand and burning it, but still i insisted on having one every time she cooks vegetables with tomato (ta2leya).
And without her intention, i learnt cooking form Mum. It would have been a scandal if i grow up to be a cooking ignorant in a family like mine, where all women are excellent cooks.

So if i get a chance to work as a cook in a hotel or resturant, i would gladly quit being a developer. Of course i will not be making the guests (ta2leya) sandwiches then ;) but I will learn the French cuisine and Italian pasta, and hot mexican tacos. I would make cakes for birthdays and weddings. I will be a caterer for parties and feasts. I would be a creative chef. The Chef Lillianna :D

The thing is i always think that any job is great only if it involves CREATING new things. That's why i love Software Engineering: we create, we innovate, and we r always looking for new solutions.
Cooking is the same, it's all about creating. If you watch any cooking show on TV, don't you notice how passionate the cook is about what he/she is cooking? It's not about hunger here, it's about enjoying what you do. It's about feeling creative.

Who knows, i might open my own resturant one day, and you are all invited to the opening :)


Na22ash said...

People say I am a very good cook as well .. and you won't meet many people in your life more passionate about food than I am .. bas 'sandwitch el ta2leyya' da fe3lan beyond my wildest imagination :D:D ya3ni I used to make sure that I'd be in the kitchen to enjoy the smell of the ta2leyya ...
bas ya3ni ta2leyyet el tom aw el bassal takhdiha men el tassa 3al sandwitch keda 3alatool?!!! are you sure??!! and you go on normally with your life 3adi geddan ba3diha??!! and most importantly are you still doing that??!!

Lilli said...

la2 ya nabeeh, not tom or bassal only, it is tomato ta2leya, el sauce beta3 el 7'odar b4 u put el 7'odar. You leave it for a while on fire to be cooked, they call it (yetsabek). That's when Mama made me the sandwich. it was a kind of tasbeera till the food is done. Asl ana zai 3atef fel (3eyal kebret), لو ماكلتش أفضحهم :-D
Bass i don't do it anymore now:( mesh 3arfa leh. yemken 3ashan am not home while the food is being cooked now:( am always at work, and i eat el akl bared :'(
bass on Saturday, it's cooking time, horraaaaaaaay :)