The previous post about school days made me so excited about writing about my school. I might be one of the few people in the whole world who really LOVES her school & school days. But i really do, i loved being there the whole time, that is 13 whole years! I entered RCG gates on September 1984 and left on June 1997.
"Enter ye to learn, leave ye to serve."
This is RCG's slogan. Such heavy words make you wonder the whole time: "What have i learnt till now? How am i gonna serve when i leave?" We had such remarkable women in the board & staff. Many RCG girls would say: "Bala neela kano 3o2ad!", but i don't think so. Maybe we grew up to be much different from other girls from other schools, but i liked this uniquness we had. Women like Mrs. Salama, Mrs. Wahba, Mrs. Cecil and Ms. Hamza made a mark on our personalities. The gave us an example of how women can be successful, smart, disciplined and eloquent. We resented them much, we always had troubles going according to the rules, but all this built the sense of righteousness inside each one of us.
The best things in RCG was that both Christian and Moslem girls were friends. Really friends. I've never heard about a problem at school concerning religious difference. We were one. That's why till now i never choose my friends according to their religion, but rather according to character and behavior. When i went to college later and found that people tend to encapsulate and befriend others of the same religion i just could not understand this! I had to divide my time among the two groups! I was never used to this. I believe that finding common grounds between yourself and others is the best way to communicate. Just keep away from the differences. Your beliefs and spiritual needs are not something that must be shared with college or school mates.
Oh! how i miss school days. We were young and carefree, we never felt unsecure or worried about anything other than exams and grades. We had no "big" decisions to make. We were ourselves, we never pretended to be something else. We had all the time to dream of the upcoming, and dream of how our lives will turn out to be. We all thought we will have a life as in movies. We will go to the best colleges, fall in love with the best men ever, and have marvelous weddings. We will have children with blue eyes and golden hair, and they would speak only English and French :)) We'll be successful career women, rich and beautiful. We were gonna have it all. And why not?! That was our dream.
Then we went out to the world to find that it is a "bit different" from what we dreamt of :) We saw the real world, and we just wished to go back to our school, our safe shelter. The place where things would simpely go right. But we couldn't. Then we found out that what we have learnt inside it, will help us serve outside of it.
"Enter ye to learn, leave ye to serve."
Viva Ramses College for Girls!

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