over a year had passed

it's been over a year now since i started my blog..
but not my writings.. i've been writing for over than 12 years now..
but the blog gave my writings new dimensions
now i know that someone, somewhere will read some of what i write

all the copybooks i have are full of writings, since high school
but when i sometimes search for a piece to post, i find it difficult
it is either too personal, or too un-understandable to others
this is not just ink on paper to me
it is parts of my soul
scenes of my life and mind

sometimes i feel like keeping it to myself
and other times i like sharing it with everyone
but in the end, i love the time when i hold my pencil
or sit in front in my PC, to create new dreams, take new shots
put wise words in frames and hang them on the wall

Happy Anniversary my blog
may you keep growing, and giving me the pleasure of drawing humble dreams on your pages...


feLfeLa said...

Congratulations. Keep the good work. I LOVE ur blog

honeybee0608 said...

may u always give us the pleasure reading ur posts and enjoying ur blog..
Happy Anniversary..