the panda in izmir


honeybee0608 said...

I love Panda!
& i love Turkey, actually i didnt visit Izmir but i visited Istanbul, and i liked it so much..
thnxx lilo 4ur cute post ;)

Lilli said...

helloo Honeybee...
i love pandas too, and as u know i consider myself one :D
and since i am in Izmir now, i posted this pic of "me" in the cold weather of Izmir :-D
i am staying here for a relatively long time... pray for me :))

honeybee0608 said...

Enjoy ur trip Lilo, wish u r safe n happy, at least wth Pandas' Time :D
it seems u'll have all ur job in Turkey!, anyway God b wth u, enjoy every minute, and sallemili awy awy 3al panda plzzz..tell them the world cannot b without pandas 7'ales :(