What's eating Gilbert Grape

Inspired by the movie "What's eating Gilbert Grape"

It's up to you in the end. You can run away from your problems, or you can stay and try to deal with them. But be careful, while dealing with them, you must put your values and guide lines in front of you.
You can be a coward, or you can be a "good preson". It's your choice. But whatever choice you make, it's up to you. Don't blame no one else.
A person with no problems, is there such a thing?? Everyone has his own form of problems and dilemmas. They might be hiding somewhere, but sure they exist.
If you pay attention, you'll find that others are trying to make you sneak in and have a look at their problems, the source of pains in their lives. If you aren't interested, and don't want to have a look, they'll shut away the peaking window.
Then there might comes a time when the load is too much, and you feel like running away. You start your runaway road, but you are never able to take the load off your chest. You run but the further you run, the heavier the load gets.

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Christa said...

We just need courage to face our problems not to run away...

And, we should know my friend, that Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is going ahead and doing what you’re called to do in spite of your fear.