Feeling unhappy?

This is directed to all people who are feeling unhappy at this moment!

If you are feeling unhappy, then the most obvious and easiest solution is to blame it on others or the circumstances, right?


Happiness really comes from the state of mind. If u think u should be happy, u will be happy. The opposite is also true. So u r doing the trick to urself !

A human being doesn't really need all the things that life is offering now, to be happy. It is an old deception that we all fall into its trap. The needs of a human being doesn't go out of the Mazlo's pyramids of needs. Even the higher levels, like self achievment & feeling one's value, can still be achieved.

So what is the trick? The trick is from inside. You have to sit with ur self first and see what REALLY makes u happy, not what others tell u that u should own or do to be happy. Don't think it is easy... it is complicated, cause by time, the extra stuff is now considered basic.

Let's take an example. Television. Like 60 years ago, TV was Sceince Fiction. A person who owned one, was considered the wealthy, up to date man. By time, the poorer people got hands on it and was a common entertaining equipment. Could u have imagined that after only 60 years, having a TV with sattelite dish installed is a must now? and who doesn't have one thinks he "should" have it one day? knowing that 60 years is nothing in the age of humanity.

Forget about things. Forget about places. A person would really be happy having loving people around him in his own comfortable place. So look around you, if u dont find this comfy place, or those loving people around u, then u should be unhappy. But if u don't have a G3 mobile phone connected to the sattelite, and feeling unhappy about it, then it's ur pure fault.

Life is precious. Don't waste it in worry or disappointment. Stop looking for what u don't have, and forgetting to enjoy what u do have. It's not easy believe me. I'm telling this to u, and to myself first. Be ambitious, no problem, but don't be ungrateful. Be thankful, for the good will go away from the unthankful.

So decide today if u want to go on with acting the lead role in the misery play, while u don't have a real script. Or just come out of ur coma, and start enjoying life again.

Don't worry :) Be happy :)


Anonymous said...

You know in fact yea lilli all unhappiness is sourced out of those few words "if u don't find this comfy place, or those loving people around u, then u should be unhappy". Even it may looks like that this unease is because of the absent Classy car or this fashionable coat but if we dig for some more truth it is the society that is no more a comfy place and people around most of the time are no more those loving mates . So the car and the coat are only a part of the failing and continuous compensation process for all our lost morals , Sympathy and love that we are striving to replace .

George Monier

Christa said...

very true Leelo,
as Einstein once said:
"There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle."

it's all about perception...

Marianne_N said...

wow Leelo ... you know what, I believe that I am in a non healthy emotional status right now and your words really inspired me ... I was just thinking of the deception we creat by over thinking and over analysing this leads directly to depression, so it is all deception, a circle of illusions based on lies and fake self pitty. i also liked the above comment from Christa about Einstein :-)