Stop being needy.. start living

Most of our time we spend it on trying to satisfy ourselves, buying stuff, looking for things or people to please ourselves. It became the main concern of our modern life. In fact we turned to needy people. People whose lives depend on things, events and other people's attention.
Don't you see something wrong in that??
When all people become needy, who will give? Who will give these needs and attention? When i am focusing all my power on my needs, and who will provide me with what will make me happy, and what i should do to keep me satisfied.. it is a waste of time, and a wasted life. We were not created on this Earth only to please and satisfy ourselves, we are not babies who should be taken care of every second. We have more potentials than just being those ugly needy creatues.
Stop being needy.. start living. Start making a purpose out of your life. Give without waiting to receive back. Give love to the people around you. Give attention to the ones really in need. Give sympathy to the ones in pain. Stop waiting for your life partner to always give you, because he is also waiting for you to give... and both of you will end up unsatisfied, with unfulifilled needs. That's why relationships fail. Instead of waiting, stand up and start living and giving. When you give, your partner will be happy and he will start giving you back. That's when the love flow grows and continues. And that's when we start being real people, not needy creatures.