Take me there

This is an unfinished piece that i found in the drafts... i just wanted it posted unfinished like this.

Take me to the place
The place where the sky is clear blue
The blue cloudless sky of autumn
Take me to enjoy the gentle sun beam on my face
The smile
I miss the smile facing the sun
I miss seeing smiles all around

Take me where they still believe each other
Where they still smile to each other for real
Take me where evil still makes some effort to invade hearts


honeybee0608 said...

"Take me to enjoy the gentle sun beam on my face..."


Tadwina said...

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prog said...

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koora said...


hosnysoliman said...

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That place you are looking after is not here in our world.Also it's no easy to have some place in our dreams.This place can be only in the heaven.Even in heaven we are not sure which part we will be there.
Thanks again for your lovely words.
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