Are you strong?

Well, you must have thought about it before, haven't you? Where is your strength? How do you call yourself strong?

First put your parameters of strength. Yes it can differ from one person to another. Your idea and parameter of strength is purely your own. You might think that your strength comes from what you own, from your ability to accomplish, your physical abilities, psychological traits, faith…etc.
We can never list here all the things that make us (or make us think we are) strong. So you must define your own terms of strength.

You can also bear an instantaneous strength or long term strength. Both are needed and both are kinds of strength. You could be under preparation all your life to be strong in a one moment that needs strength of a lifetime. And also you could be working all your lifetime with the same strength that is needed for your normal everyday life. Actually both kinds help each other. What preparation could be better than going through small, short & hard situations and learning bit by bit how to be really strong? And when the big moment comes you already have a good supply of patiently built up strength.

Why do we need to be strong? I leave this question to you my dear reader, and while thinking it over, remember the last time you couldn't sleep at night…


Heba Samir said...

from my point of view i need to be strong to prepare myself :
1-to the bad and happy time as well, you wil ask me for sure how ??why i need to be strong in the happy time I 'm telling yes we should,coz it's too short.., and the bad one is z following event so i mustnt surrender to zis and imagine that life is always happy and full of nice events and to accept what is coming i will not talk why i need to be strong in bad time coz all of us know why ??
2- I need to strong to train myself of being alone, and alone didnt mean without family or freinds no i mean that being alone although this ppl are existing and this is the real desaster and the real bad feeling u can ever feel.
i dont know u got my point or not ?? sure u r saying how crazy am i :))

Lilli said...

never ever would i say u r crzay :)))

i understand what u said .. and i like what u said about preparing urself to be strong for the good & bad times together.. not just the bad, because the variance itself and alternating between good & bad needs a degree of strength, so that it doesn't sweep u off your feet..

and of course being alone in that sense is not easy, i call it being "independent"