Why is it the trend now to talk and debate more than working? Our lives are filled now with more words that we need, and much less actions that we should be doing.

I've always said: "I do not trust people whose jobs depend on their talks", and being eloquent should never be a measure of productivity. And on the other hand, the less you talk should be adding to the balance of your actions.

So please, yes you, please: try to work more than talking about what you should do. At least save us hearing what we do not need to hear, and do what could be useful!

And believe me, it feels so good when you look at your own hands creation, feels better than your happiness with the sound of hands clapping to your articulate words.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to admit this but talking and talking a lot is one of this life essentials now Lillian , you just need to check who are the most famous and appreciated figures in our community they are who I call them the “Top talkers” , and talking is not the only key to success it should be a trivial kind of talking , have you every heard about a famous singer singing a meaningful song ? or an appreciated politician with a respectable declaration ? Or a successful salesman having a logical offer ? , I guess this should be nowadays slogan “ Edini fi el hayaf we 2ana 27bak ya fanans “ , and do not you every try to face it cos for shower he is gnnaa crash you

George Monier

Lilli said...

bass things change ya George
and they will not change by themselves

it's us who should change it... by our work, not more words..

and if we don't face it, it will grow and eat us all!

Christa said...

Our lives are filled now with more words that we need, and much less actions that we should be doing.

this thought was confusing me much the last few month... people that talk talk talk... paroles et paroles et paroles.... they talk, they write, they talk about revolution, they write about love, but they just do nothing!!

we need people that do more and talk less!!

thanks for being you! thanks for having such a thought... I hope you decide every day to "do" something....

I hope you don't mind if I put your blog's link in mine :-)
I would like to visit it frequently...