In the night

In the night, in the open air
And the summer wind is blowing gently on my face
I sit there very calm and relax
Nothing is worrying me
Nothing is being planned for
I look at the surroundings
The big tree and the high buildings
The cars parking in every place
Few people moving in the streets
And I also have a look at my life
What's gone and what's already been done
I look at my life and think
Did I make good use of it till now?
All the different paths I could have taken and didn't
And all those I did take
And I found the words in my mouth and heart
It was all worth it
All the turns and bumps
All the mellow paths paved with green lawn
And the bumpy roads with edgy stones
Yes it was worth it
For all this contributed in making what I am today
And still the word in my month till today
I've never ever regretted one single thing
Never went till the end with a path I know it'll take me no where
Or will take me where I don't want to be
So on this cool summer night
I sat there admiring what's around
And what's inside
And I found this rare thing deep inside me
What people spend their lives looking for
Struggling with their world and searching for an alternative
I simply found it
The peace
The content
The deep feeling of satisfaction
With what that had passed
And what have been done
And with what’s still coming
And what could be done

Sunday 10 June 2007.


Slacker said...

Simple words yet very touching , In love with your new poem Lili :)

Lilli said...

thanks a lot Slacker

Slacker said...

No thanks needed , facts were only stated =]

Lilli said...

to this extent :)))
thanks again

but this is the first time u leave me a comment, r u new to my blog or u've been reading silently be4?

btw, i couldn't open ur own blog because it's banned at work here :s

Slacker said...

A little bit of both actually :) I have been reading it for awhile now yet that was my first comment.

Kaya said...

Hilarious account of the whole trip my friend!

Moisturising is the key to solving the problem for this embarrassing account you got there. :)

Here's how you go about it: Apply your moisturizer with gentle blend of light strokes and do not pull or tug the skin. Don’t forget to moisturize your neck! The only exception to this is those who suffer from acne and also be careful not to over-moisturize otherwise this would cause your pores to clog.

- Dr. Hala Hashad
(Kaya Clinic)