can't live without it

It's when u feel so white and blue, and your mind is summer sky clear...
you pick up a brush, and draw a milky way..
you sit by the beach, and let the sand run through your fingers.
you hold your pet close and look in to its eyes
you put a loving kiss on your love's cheek, just next to his mouth
It's when u feel so hurt..
colors seem to fade ..
you pick up ur violin
and let it cry out ur pain with its melancholic blares
as it drips between your arms, your soul drips blood.. and the wound gets purified
It's when u feel reddish waves of anger
you want to scream out loud, and let the rage loose
your run, you climb, you break stones
you turn your anger into power.. into the power of will
It's when u get doubtful and confused
you lose track of your daily thoughts.. your hopes and dreams
you find the word "reach out" describing you perfectly
you reach out for your paper and pen
you pour yourself into a friend's heart and lap
no need for advice
just a pat or a hug does it all
don't be afraid
for even fear, will teach u .. will push u one step ahead
lay down the sandy beach and enjoy the sun one your face
make the violin cry with you, for it has no better use..
your paint brush looks so much better when paint is staining it, and the new road is drawn on a piece of white new cloth
hold him tightly, study his face closely
when he goes out of your sight, you'll have his picture in your heart
and when the red waves hit you.. hang on, cling to me, i can bear you in your wildest.. just promise me, you will always be true to your life..


Amina said...

that was very beautiful and touching

Marianne_N said...

Oh my God Leelo ... you just described many cases of "me" ... feeling of anger, feeling of happiness and feeling of love. I love it so much and kept reading it many times. God Bless You :-)