Lilo mass7oba men lesanha!

We7yatko 7ad ye2olli leh ana batda7'all feli maleesh feh????

The story goes like this: i am a shopping addict, i love shopping and i buy lots of things regularly, specially cloths, shoes, handbags...etc.
And i usually go to the same shops where i feel comfortable buying from. The problem is i always have an open mouth and i tell the friends with me about previous purchases from this shop, whether it was good or bad. Unfortunately, there is always another lady or more eavesdropping! and she politely excuses to enter the conversation to ask me - as a shopping specialist - about an item she is about to buy!! And of course the helpful, kind, people-loving Lilo is always ready to offer services.

What usually happen is the lady is asking about something i have bought earlier and turned out to be not so good,, and so i tell her the problem of the item!! till now there might not be a problem...... but for my good luck, the seller is there standing , hearing me advice her not to buy, and starting to get fumes out of his ears and nose!! He is always about to kick me out in the street saying: wenty maal ahlek enty, bawazty el bee3a!! but out of courtesy he doesn't do this, he just gives me the worst hateful look he can afford. And then Lilo finds herself in a very awkward situation when the lady ( or even my friend) changes her mind and walks out of the shop. At this moment i usually pretend that i have an important meeting with Hassouna beta3 el laban that i just remembered, and try to walk out as quick as i can, sometime leaving my friend behind in the fitting room!

The same thing happened yesterday when a lady was about to buy a pair of shoes similar to one i bought few months ago and she over heard me tell my friend Lolo that it is so comfortable BUT the heel hurt after walking for a long time and it is good to wear at work but without a lot of walking around. The lady asked me politely to repeat what i just said and i found out that i cannot afford to lose Lotfy as a favorite shoe shop, so i repeated again what i said but with some decorations and recommending this shoes as the best in the market ;)

Maho lawo bass Lilo tesskot we te2fell bo2aha !! or at least i can give my recommendations without the seller standing near :D


Mohamed Yousef said...

heyya el saraa7aa dayman betewga3....wee kewayyess 2ennoo el sales man ma3amalshee 7agaa men 2ellee 2oltee 3aleehaa....

bass law 3ayzaa ra2yee,...el wa7ed lazem ye2ool el 7a2 walaw 3ala ra2abtoo....2e7naa shabaab mabenkhafshee gheer men rabbena...wellee mesh 3agboo yekhbat demaghoo fel 7eet

Anonymous said...

'7alik bra7tak ya loloo hia el sara7a wa7sha el youmen doul el zahr

wee lw aii mshkla 7slet kda wala kda rni bass wee anti 7tshofi rgala waraki :D

Anonymous said...

Lilooo ana nsit a2olek ani nonnaaa


Ahmed Shokeir said...

انا مراتي لو لاحظت حد ناوي يشتري حاجة هيا اشترتها ... بتطلع فيها القطط الفطسانة للي هاتشتريها ولايهما أي حد في المحل .. نسيت اقوللك مشكلة مراتي ان حد يشتري حاجة زي اللي اشترتها .. بيكون مصير اللي اشترته ولا مؤاخذة الصندوق اللي في المطبخ

Lilli said...

حمدالله على السلامة
عودٌ أحمد يا أحمد

انت كده حتحمسنى اكتب كتير تانى، المهم تفضل تعدى تمسى هنا

على فكرة موضوع ان ماحبش حد يلبس زىّ ده مش عندى ومجاش على بالى
بس واضح ان مراتك فعلا بتعملها قصد
مش عارفة ليه أنا مش عندى نظرية الexclusiveزيها
ماللى عايز يلبس يلبس أنا مالى
:D :D

anyway, welcome back...

Lilli said...

Thanks ya Noona for your nice comment :) if there was any problem, will give u a missed call ;)