"Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands -- and then just eat one of the pieces." - Judith Viorst
If this is the measure of strength then i am sooo sooooooo weak! :(
Few months after graduation from college.. one of my friends told me that she changed all our nicknames on her mobile to our real names! She said that it was no longer appropriate to call ourselves those silly names... i was surprised, and sad.
What's wrong with our names? Lilo, Lolo, Yazzie, Kiki, Miro, Feeky and Sherry??! What's wrong with keeping those silly, beautiful names? ... Does being older mean being serious and forgetting the fun?
In general, security means keeping the people of the "house" secure against outsiders who might do them harm. That is the bad intentions are assumed in the people out of the "house". This is always the case, except in software systems! Bad intentions are assumed in the people of the house, that is the users themselves of the system. Hence security prevents any house member from using or seeing another house member's work. Funny :)! This is different from the security of the system itself against outsiders.
Try to imagine what could happen in Egypt if the supply of foul & tea goes down! and people do not find foul to eat or tea to drink by time. I could only imagine a revolution...!
Watch carefully God's creations: God gave us mountains full of different metals, but left extracting the metals from the rocks to us. God gave us the sea full of fish, but left catching those fish to us. God gave each one of us a certain hair quality, but left how long the hair is to us. God told us what's good & what's bad, and left the choice for us. So do not say again: "this is God's will" the next time you fail.
Two mice fell in a bowl of milk, one of them kept weeping & drowned, the other kept swimming, till he turned the milk into butter & got out. (from the movie "Catch me if you can")


ramezhanna said...

hey lilo, i liked the idea of god's will so much.
i'm not a developper but i did some development and security is my main concern these days, i would say that you even have to protect the user from himself and not let him do harmfull things to himself and his workspace as it probably would affect the system in a way or the other. deprive everybody from everything and then give them permissions as needed and make hard to make mistakes :)
good luck with securing your applications.
i never had nicknames or neither my friends! does this mean we wee old and serious????

Lilli said...

Helloo Ramez :) glad u liked the quotes...
about the nicknames... it's okay of course u don't have nicknames... u r not old or serious or smthng...but for Heaven's sake tell me... WHY DON'T U HAVE NICKS???? :))
it's a natural thing that u come up with a nickname for the ones u are close to... da esmak enta belzat leh million nickname :) i can give u at least 3 ;)

Mohamed Yousef said...

3agbaanee 2awee 7ekaayet el Foool dee....dee teb2aa moseebaa.. :-D

Anonymous said...