Can you see the beauty?
It's everywhere around us.
You will see it in every living thing.
You will see it in everything made by man, with love.
It's not the loud, sharp beauty.
It's the kind that makes you smile, and gives you warmth of the heart.

Try to look to things differently from now on.
Search for that beauty inside everyone, everything and in every situation.
Save the time of anger and criticizm.
Instead, look at the bright sides.
When you discover the brightness, only then you can bear the darkness.

Feb. 17th, 2001.

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ramezhanna said...

i once thought about beauty and tried to identify it and all i could come up with :"beauty is what whenever you see, it's like the first time you see it"
and then i tried to define pain: "it is what whenever you feel, it's like the first time you feel"
notice the resemblance! both are very strong.