New year, new job, new hopes...

It's a new year :) Happy new year to everyone.. i have been so much busy in the very first days of 2006, that i didn't even have time to notice that it is a new year.
A new job and new dreams, bigger than ever.. i feel i have entered a new broad world. The idea of a multinational company is still settling in my mind, and the appeal is high. I actually began dreaming of working in other countries all over the world. We have branches in a 130 countries!! and Egypt is just one... the chances are many#$%@!!
So here i am now, after regaining some balance after the change, i am back to blog. I don't know why i am haunted by the movie i saw last week, and decided to blog about it, it's called "Final Destination". It's a bit old, but it's my first time to watch it. Its story is so short, but it has a big meaning hidden inside. It tells a story about a group of students taking a flight in an aeroplane, and one of them gets a sudden vision that the plane will explode and all of them will die. He panics and makes a fuss, so he is taken off the plane with a group of his friends and a teacher. The plane takes off without them, and while his friends are blaming him for acting nuts, the plane simpley explodes in the air in front of their eyes, after only 2 minutes of flying!
They all get the feeling that they were saved and that a new chance has been given to them, while all their classmates die. But the problem has just started! The story goes that all the survivors get killed one by one in the weirdest ways. The freakiest idea is introduced: they all should have been killed in the plane explosion, but they cheated Death(!!) and now Death is after them to get even and follow the pattern drawn to the lives. The moral is: death must get to you on the time set by God, and no one can cheat death.
No matter how we perceive this idea, but what it made me really think about is the idea that we are all in this big project and each one of us has a certain "deadline" that he must meet, and be prepared for. The trick here is: we do not actually know the date of our dealine. We are supposed to get prepared with our output, which is actually not predefined. We define the output we want to present on the deadline day that we do not know its date! And to make thing more complex: there are endless ways to choose from and endless decisions we have to make all the time. We must be caught in action since we do not know the date. So the best thing to do is: get busy working, developing yourself and building trusted relations with others, fill your life with love, build something strong and remarkable,.. and while you do all this, don't think about the deadline. Thinking about it will not add value to your life, it might actually prevent you from doing your best. Just work honestly and be sure that nothing goes in vain.


مهندس م,m.m, said...

وانا اتصفح بعض المدونات وجدت مدونتك انا مش عارف ليه بكتبلك دلوقت ممكن علشان انتي بتحبي نفس الافلام اللي انا بحبها وانا مقتنع ان اللي يحبوا نفس الافلام اكيد يبقي في شيءمشترك ما بينهم ويمكن علشان. مش عارف المهم ياريت اتعرف عليك اكتر لو تحبي واسف اذا كنت متطفل

Lilli said...

Welcome to my blog ya bashmohandes :)
It's never tatafoll... plz be free to comment on anything.