This name came across my mind today. Robert is one of the few people I met in my life and left a mark. In my school we used to go on camps in the summer. Those camps were really so effective in our lives (we RCG girls).
Attending week-long camps at such an early age as 4th primary or 5th all the way up to high school, this helped us a lot in building our characters. Each camp had a theme, or main idea, and they would invite significant people or celebrities to join our camp & lecture us about the theme. Since our school is a former American college, we had contacts abroad. So back to Robert: he was a Scottish art teacher who attended with us the camp of my 1st preparatory summer.
Robert was a person that no one can help but admire. In a simple word, he was fun. He had a very charming looks, tall, white, golden long hair, very smart features and athletic body. He was round 24 years old then, and had plans for a 100 years to come.
He was talented also in arts, in fact he was in charge of ALL our art activities through out the week. Not art only but also our games & tally-matches. Till here he might be an over average guy but still just like any guy. Well, that wasn't all. He was also a very close to God person. He preached us about God, and how he can love us all equally and unconditionally. He taught us about love. Can you imagine such an attractive guy like that teaching teenage girls about love! Well let me tell you that we all dealt so easily with him and without feeling any awkwardness.

In short we had so much fun this year with Robert, that we already started talking with him about the next years camp & how we wanted him to come again. He said he will come most probably.

So a year passed, it was 2nd preparatory summer and we all made reservations in the camp. I was wondering if Robert's gonna come. Then when I was on the phone with a friend of mine gossiping about the upcoming camp, I asked her if she knew if Robert was coming. She stopped talking for 1/2 a minute. I was so surprised! What's wrong?

Then she told me.
Robert, that vibrant, charming man, that beautiful person who taught us about love & life, was gone!
He drowned in the sea while he was swimming.
I knew the next camp won't be as good as the last one. We all missed Robert, but we never really talked about him. I'll never forget Robert, and how he taught me that there is never anything wrong in being cool, life-lover, and being close to God and righteous. He taught me that arts are the best way to express yourself. He was too good to be true. And like a comet, he appeared so shiningly in my life, but for a very little time.

God Bless you Robert.


honeybee0608 said...

u know lilo, i think that people like Robert, who affected u like that and u still remember him till now, are usually people we dont get 2 stay very long wth them, i dont know why, for a reason or without, they r usually like u said a "Comet"..they just pass by us for little time and then leave,,they dont stay 4long,,and i do remember that it happened in my life,,ofcourse there r people who affect us and stay long time wth us, but i know wht u r talking about..it's a different experience not frequently lived, may b it means we should get 2enjoy even little moments wth those special people, and not leave a chance for being wth them,,
so next time when u meet someone like that, dont hesitate 2enjoy time wth him ..:)

Lilli said...

well i haven't had so many "comets" in my life so i don't know if i agree with u or not honeybee... bass u know... few days ago i was sitting with a couple of my school-mates, and Mona said: i believe that people who are so glamorous, attractive & successful, in an un-ordinary way... the glow of those people is usually put off very early...
i agreed with Mona, i remembered stars like Merilyn Monroe, Atef el Tayeb, Robert i wrote about.... and many others, it's like they burn up all their talents quickly that it glows very very brightly , but goes off early...